Unpopular Opinions

Hiya. Sorry. I have had a pretty boring week so nothing that is interesting to write down at all! I have been trying to think what to write as I really need to put something out and I came up with the most basic idea ever. Yes. I’m going to give you some of my unpopular opinions.

First of all we all have opinions. Last week a teacher didn’t accept my opinion… He obviously didn’t want to hear what I wanted to say, so I shut up for the rest of the lesson. Some people need to learn to accept opinions no matter if they agree or not.

So I know for a fact you won’t agree on all of these because we all agree on different things. Soooo don’t pick an argument!! We all need to accept others thoughts. Right. Here goes nothing…


  1. Marmite is literally heaven!

People underestimate the goodness of marmite. I will have nothing else on toast. I always feel guilty when I go to peoples houses and get offered jam on toast but in my opinion, I can’t stand jam on toast. In the mornings I just feel sick! But marmite on the other hand. Listen to this: Toast straight out the toaster, not burnt, not too bready. Put the Lurpak butter straight on (quite a lot so it melts) and then the finishing touch. Marmite! Not too much otherwise it is overpowering the butter. Just the tip of the knife full so it blends with the butter and voila! HEAVEN!


  1. Ketchup should be fridge cold.

If you don’t keep your ketchup in the fridge that is disgusting. It is the devils work if your ketchup is Luke warm. No argument here. Nothing else to say but keep your ketchup IN THE FRIDGE!!!!


  1. BTS should not be popular.

To be honest most of my friends agree with me here but I can tell some people in my year are literally cursing me right now. And do I care? No. BTS is a bunch of guys singing in a language no one in Britain understands with a Guinness world record amount of auto tune stuffed on top just to make it worse. They are also not nearly as good looking as people say they are. All these instagram posts with people saying they would ‘give their lives to BTS’ or ‘I would die for BTS’ and all the other even dumber ones. Trust me darling, they are just your average Korean actors.


  1. I love Hawaiian pizza!

Of course I was going to say this. And there is no argument – pineapple belongs on pizza.


  1. Rap is SO SO SO overrated.

Ok. Hear me out. Why on earth do people want to spend their time listening to auto tuned ‘singers’ saying oddly arranged words at a fast speed. I agree. I have a few rap songs on my playlists but I see them as different to all the other ones which sound EXACTLY the same. Men (or women) but mostly men going on about depressing subjects and their ‘hometowns’ and their ‘mamas’. Not my taste at all! And anyway they won’t get lots of play on radios as they are all so FULL of swears. (Sorry I sounded like a mum just then).


  1. Cake is not even that good!

This one is a good one. I personally think cake is usually too dry and crumbly to eat. I much prefer shortbread or chocolate or some other sort of tray bake. Cakes are not very pleasant to eat quite quickly after making/buying them and you can’t eat too much at one time. It is super dry! All we really need is Paul H/Mary B to pop round and bake for us every day!


I’ll stop now as most of you will probably be wanting to argue with me on a few of these. I kindly ask you not to as most of you know I have -0.01 arguing skills and 0.0 comebacks stored in my brain.

I’ m gonna leave you to whatever you were doing before you came across this ranting site. Byeeeeeeeee!

Love Martha B x


Hiya. My name is Martha I write and publish about anything and everything. I love to play hockey and I also do netball and tennis. I have also just taken up running to help my stamina. I sing (in lessons and in the shower) and I love to get out and do activities but also like to spend time watching ???Dawson???s Creek??? on All 4!