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Hi again. Thought I would do something a bit different. I thought this blog I would go through some of the favourite songs on my playlist. This could be quite embarrassing as lots of people don’t like my music and not all the songs are well known or up beat. I actually listen to a lot of music that isn’t very upbeat as I find it easier to listen to. Especially at night or before bed. Just detox’s my brain. Not from toxic substances obviously but from different types of mental toxicity from throughout the day.


So this is going to be in no particular order at all as I don’t really have a favourite song at all. It used to be Pompeii by Bastille. I do love that song. Ever since I first heard it I just wanted to keep listening to it and for me it is a song I haven’t got bored listening to. Now that I make and listen to my own music I can pick and choose what I listen to. It probably isn’t only me who makes a playlist of about 5 songs and just listens to them on repeat and then makes a completely different playlist with completely different songs and repeats the process. I know for a fact I’m not the only one.


  1. Fool by Cavetown

Honestly love this song. It is such a chill out song. I don’t fully understand the lyrics but it just makes me happy I guess. I could lie for hours listening to it on repeat and still feel the same way about it.


  1. Water Fountain by Alec Benjamin

Ok ok ok. This song is so good. I mean you have to be in a particular mood for it as it can get quite boring. But it is such an easy song to listen to especially if you just want to stare at your mirror for a while for no particular reason. Am I the only one who just puts on a song and for the entire duration of the song just stare at yourself in the mirror? Yup. Just me.


  1. Hypocrite by The Original Rudeboys

My dad and I found this on the New Music playlist that Apple Music made and the music on there can be a bit hit and miss but I actually loved this one. I’ve been listening to it a lot recently. I really like the lyrics and they have a unique style of singing and its just different. This one is one of my repeats.


  1. Amazing by George Michael

Well this one is certainly up there in my list of favourites. I surprisingly don’t listen to this on repeat but when I do play it I just stop what I’m doing and listen to it. I do a weird thing where I pause parts of the song and rewind it back 15 or so seconds and just listen to that part again. It is a bit of a family song. I’m pretty sure it was the first record my dad bought my mum. If I had a Top 5 list of songs this would be in the Top 3.



  1. Bullets by Tunng

I heard a song on the radio and it sounded similar to this song which I had heard once years before that had just stuck in my head immediately but I was too young for my own phone and music. I spent a weeks trying to remember the name of the song and finally my dad played it after I kept describing it by saying: “I think it is about skulls and knives and catching bullets in your teeth.” My family had to deal with weeks of me repeating that same description over and over again.


  1. 74, 75 by the The Connells

I don’t really know what it is about this song but it just hits different.


  1. Started From The Bottom by Drake

I used to be a gymnast and before every gymnastics competition or an important training session I used to play a ‘Motivational Playlist’ and this was one of the songs that always played and my 11 year old (and younger self) would just jam out all the time to songs like this one, getting my mind prepared for what I thought were the most important moments of my life.


  1. Liberty Belle by FONTAINES D.C

Again I heard this on a ‘Recommended For You’ playlist and it sounds similar to other songs by similar Irish bands. Even though I’ve looked at the lyrics I still have no clue what it is about but I really love the tune and beat. I always feel like I need to get up and do something when I hear it.


  1. Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs

Ok but lets be honest here. If you don’t jam out to Olly Murs once in a while who even are you! It isn’t on repeat but if I here it I will get up and dance.


  1. Coldplay, One Direction etc.

So this No. 10 isnt one song because I don’t really have one. I picked Coldplay because they are my favourite band and always have been and even though I’m fuming that they don’t tour anymore because it isn’t good for the environment!? I still want to see them live at Glastonbury and I love every song.

I also have said One Direction. There is no argument here. If you don’t hear a song by One D and it doesn’t hit different or it doesn’t bring back memories then you must have missed a lot when you were growing up. They are your typical boy band that every girl (or boy) loves.

The ‘etc’ just sort of stands for all the typical artists/bands that stereotypically everyone loves. For instance Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Adele, Taylor Swift, Post Malone and all of them. I’m sure you know what I mean.


So there you go. Top 10/9 favourite songs and what I tend to listen to. Maybe you might listen to some of those songs you haven’t heard of. I recommend all of them obviously.

Also I have had a few suggestions for new blogs but if you have any ideas please just let me know and I’ll most definitely consider them!


(I’m trying to write more but I’m incredibly busy right now and I’m very sorry but hopefully the summer term will be easier and I can update more regularly!)


Love Martha B X


Hiya. My name is Martha I write and publish about anything and everything. I love to play hockey and I also do netball and tennis. I have also just taken up running to help my stamina. I sing (in lessons and in the shower) and I love to get out and do activities but also like to spend time watching ???Dawson???s Creek??? on All 4!

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