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Shopping Local This Christmas – How and Why

We all know what its like at this time of year. You sit at home frantically searching the internet only days before Christmas looking for anything you could get your dad for him to unwrap from under the tree. We have all been there. 

But is frantically scrolling through Amazon, EBay, Etsy and any other big online site that pops up really the answer? 

So what can we all do to help? 

All year we have spoken about sticking together and helping one another so why not try to execute and prove that this Christmas. 

Find Out About Your Local Area

You have had all year to explore your local surroundings so this shouldn’t be hard. 

  • Find out about local businesses near you 
  • Find out about local businesses selling home made goods 
  • Find out about local charity shops 
  • Find out about local food and drink places 

I want to focus on that last point. Your local food and drink places will be among the businesses who suffered the most this year. 

Instead of buying your veg from the supermarket or on your online order, visit your fruit and veg shop down the road and ask if they are doing Christmas deliveries or buy your sprouts and roasties there instead.

Maybe resist from buying your turkey wrapped in plastic from the supermarket. Go into/contact your local butcher and ask about buying and collecting your turkey from them!

Both of these things are what our family is doing this year. We are getting a veggie delivery from our fruit and veg shop, Patersons, in Cupar. Plus we are collecting our turkey from our local butcher, Minick of St Andrews. 

Make Time

Instead of rushing and suddenly finding you have no time to buy gifts, plan ahead. 

  • Sit down with your family and plan a date to go into town
  • Tell yourself you have time
  • Make a to-do list 
  • Set aside tasks you can most definitely do another time

Focusing on the first point. My family did just that. We planned ahead and made a date. Last Saturday we headed into our local town (Cupar) and split up to buy presents. It was a very relaxing affair. I love walking round talking to the business owners, browsing the shops and finding just the present you wanted.

For example I went into one shop to buy my mum a gift from a shop I know she loves. What I loved was being able to walk around inside, getting advice from the lady at the counter and being able to secure what I think is one of the best presents I have bought for mum in a long time. 

I want to make clear that it is not wrong to shop online as lots of local businesses set themselves up online.

But what I love is being in and around the business and having the chance to talk to the employees/owners and actually being there, knowing I am supporting the local economy and the high street. 

Charity Shopping

Of course I had to come to this at some point! 

  • If your on a budget (like me) its perfect 
  • Supporting charities 
  • You can find absolute gems!
  • Always so friendly!

You have arrived at the charity shop and as you enter you can’t see anything particular that catch’s your eye. As you browse and look through the rails and shelves you spy something perfect for your Secret Santa, something perfect for your dad, something perfect for your boss/teacher/co-worker.

As you know I love charity shopping and I have bought some presents from different ones this year. I have bought lots of pieces of clothing from charity shops this year, doing my bit to get rid of fast fashion. I just wanted to put them in here to help you want to support charities this Christmas too. Think about it, you are not only helping the local economy but also the people who are helped by that charity.

I urge you to go into one and trust me you will see something perfect for someone you know!

To finish I want to ask you to stop and think. Do you really need to support Amazon this year who roll in $239.9 billion a year which is $638.1 million a day?

Look around, support your local shops, support your local hospitality businesses. Thank them. Praise them. I urge you to spend locally this Christmas and trust me – as a result you will feel better for doing so.

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Love Martha B x


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