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Easter Catch Up – LittleThingsByLuce, Big Wild Thought + Tom’s Trunks

Happy belated Easter! I have had a lovely break and I hope you all have too! Today I would like to do a quick catch up – a run down of some of what I have to share with you. 

Firstly I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the feedback I got from my first two podcast episodes!  As I said above – I have taken a break but the next episode will be up soon so keep an eye out. 

Link to podcast if you are interested –

Those who have listened to the second episode will know that I had Lucy Robertson on, who runs an affordable handmade jewellery business, made in Fife (Scotland) but sold online via her website. She promotes it via her gorgeous looking Instagram, Facebook and TikTok! 

Lucy is in her first year at the University of Glasgow studying Sports Science and Physiology all whilst running a pretty full on business. She gets so busy juggling both that her amazing mum gives her a helping hand packing and posting orders. To make her packing more sustainable she reuses the envelopes she receives her beads in. Lucy also uses packing that is 100% recyclable and made from at least 60% recycled content.

Lucy makes all sorts from necklaces to rings and is always so active on her socials! She is always reposting her customers posts and promoting other small businesses. On Lucy’s TikTok account she has almost 28 thousand followers and one of her videos reached 4.5 million views which (as you can imagine) caught a lot of people’s attention worldwide! 

Watching Lucy’s TikTok videos and seeing her posts and stories makes everything seem a little more personal. She is so in touch with her customers and I love the fact her notifications are on for when she gets an order. I 100% recommend you go and follow her on her socials (@littlethingsbyluce) and most definitely GO AND CHECK OUT HER WBSITE!! If you have any friends or family birthdays coming up or if you just want to treat yourself clic

k HERE to find something to make not only them smile but Lucy too!

Click the below links to watch one of her videos!
‘Make Rings With Me’ Lucy’s ‘Day In the Life’Lucy’s Viral Video

I recently had my 15th birthday and very fortunately received some lovely presents, two of which I want to talk to you about. 

Firstly I received and t-shirt from my aunt, uncle and cousins which is from a shop called The Big Wild Thought. 

Big Wild Thought

The Big Wild Thought is a clothing brand that allows people to ‘wear and care’ at the same time. They aim to help conservation efforts around the world. Every time someone buys from them, they donate 10% of the retail cost to the relevant wildlife charities that they support. Their packaging is made from recycled cardboard and acid-free tissue paper – so it is all recyclable. 

I will leave some links so if you are interested, you can go and have a good explore b

ut essentially Big Wild Thought currently support 17 animal charities across the globe. You can help animals as large as an African elephant and orca to animals as small as a red squirrel and European robin! In every order they include information about the animal and they include the chosen charity to help inform their customers about animal conservation plus lots of fun facts too!

I received a t-shirt which I’ll link below that is embroidered with an African elephant. I have already worn it multiple times in the past 2 weeks since my birthday and I cannot wait until the warmer weather kicks in! 

The second product I would like to talk about are my brand new ‘Tom’s Trunks’ beach and lounge trousers. I am incredibly grateful for these as I have been wanting them for quite some time. Let me tell you a little bit about ‘Tom’s Trunks’.

Tom’s Trunks

Tom Holmes is the founder of this business who was inspired by the vibrant colours of Kenyan kikoy material and understood its potential for extremely comfortable beach and loungewear. His aim is to grow his business whilst promoting ethical production and the core values of sustainability. 

The people of ‘Tom’s Trunks’ spend a lot of time helping others and giving back to the community and a % of every sale goes to the ‘Tom’s Trust’ which is a charity supporting children with brain tumours. The charity was set up by Andrew and Debs Whiteley whose son, Tom, tragically passed away at the age of 9. 

Tom’s dream for his business is to spread a ‘vibe’ and gift as many trunks as he can to young people in hospital or going through hard times – he really believes they bring joy and colour into peoples lives. 

So not only are ‘Tom’s Trunks’ plastic free, supporting the slow fashion movement, are sustainable and are charitable they genuinely put a massive smile on peoples faces which I think is one of the most important things someone can do. 

I will link the trousers I have below but I will also put more useful links for you to go and explore. 

So there you go! Two fabulous brands in a nutshell and one very happy girl! As I have already said I will link lots down below so please go and explore and follow their social medias to keep in the loop. Both brands really do add that extra bit of colour we all need. 

Thank you very much to my two aunts – Jo and Linda xxx

My next blog post will be coming soon and to give you a quick idea – small businesses where you can find your everyday products! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if so make sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook (@BeingMarthaB) and take a listen to my podcast on all podcast listening platforms (Being Martha B). 

Love, Martha B x 

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